Saturday, November 5, 2011


My passion for crafting started when i was little...i done quite a FEW lol but then i moved to scotland and it kind of stopped for few years but then when i get engaged...the whole wedding preparation...omg!it remind me of how much i enjoy to do thinks myself :)
Starting with fimo....

and many many more...

And then i was ready to make a professional cake topper for my wedding cake :)
And here it is:

2 brides just in case lol

Then i done some invitation:

And that was when i realised that actualy...i really enjoy it! So here i am...addicted to craft magazines, paper shopping, card making blogs and you tube videos :)

send to challenge everythimg but a card


  1. What a busy lady! Love your wedding invitations and your polymer wedding cake toppers. All your artwork is very creative.

  2. WOW.The little Fimo creations are Stunning lets see lots more please.Love the Wedding Toppers.Your cards are very pretty too.

  3. thank you lee

    ive stopped doing fimo itself i only make a card toppers from it now :) but maybe one day :P lol